Volga Tribune

First Published in 1882


The Volga Tribune is over 130 years old! First published April 8, 1882, the paper was known as the Dakota Gazette. Later in the year, it took the name Volga Tribune, although it was nicknamed the ‘Volga Shotgun’, due to the banging noises made by a gas engine used to power the printing press.

Past publishers include: George W. Brown, D.D. Dickerson, John Lynch, Thomas Bishop, A.P. Allen, Alfred T. Horton, Hattie Horton and son Ralph, Brookings County Press; Homer J. Givens, Jerry Leslie, SDSU Alumni Foundation, Theo S. Bradbury, Thomas Reynolds, and Chuck Cecil. The weekly paper was purchased by Chris and Linda Schumacher in 1991. The four newspapers were operated by the Schumacher’s until Chris’ death in 2012. Linda continued to run the papers until their purchase by Ken Reiste in 2016.


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