Tri-City Star

First Published in 1884


The first newspaper in White was called the White Enterprise and its first issue was printed in 1884. In 1891, it was changed to the White Chief. In 1900, the name was changed to the White Leader, and remained that until 1994. Renamed the Tri-City Star, the name signifies the three towns of White, Toronto and Astoria that make up the Deubrook Area School District.

Publishers since the paper’s inception include: John R. McCormick, Albert S. Ford, W.S. Harden, George Chase, John Adams, Will Holbein, J.R. Leonard, C.O. Walker, H.H. Peters, Horace Lennox, Seth Thornton and Hillyer & Scadden. Rachel Waldrath became the owner in 1925, and remained the owner/publisher, using handset type until 1946, when she began using a linotype machine. Mrs. Waldrath sold the paper at age 90 in 1969 to Robert V. Lundgren. Lundgren sold to Chuck Cecil in 1985, with Chris and Linda Schumacher purchasing the paper in 1991. The newspaper was operated by the Schumacher’s until Chris’ death in 2012. Linda continued to run the paper until their purchase by Ken Reiste in 2016.


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Editor: Paul Ekern

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Located: PO Box 341, White, SD 57276

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