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The Volga Tribune is 123 years old! First published April 8, 1882, it was first know as the Dakota Gazette. In 1882 it became know as The Volga Tribune. It's nickname was the Volga Shotgun, most likely because of the gas powered engine used to power the sheet fed press at the newspaper. The old engine made 'banging noises that sounded like a shotgun.

Past publishers included: George W. Brown, 1880-1882; DD. Dickerson, 1882-1883; John Lynch, 1883-1886; Thomas Bishop, 1886-1898; A.P. Allen, 1898-1906; Alfred T. Horton, 1906-1921 (death); Wife Hattie Horton and son Ralph, 1921-1931; Brookings County Press, 1931; Homer J. Givens, 1931-1946; Mr. and Mrs. Leslie, 1947-1954; SDSU Alumni Foundation, 1954-1969; Mr. and Mrs. Theo S. Bradbury, 1969-1972; Thomas Reynolds, 1972-1985; Charles F. Cecil, 1985-1991; Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Schumacher; 1991-present.



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