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The first newspaper in White was called the White Enterprise and its first issue was printed in 1884. In 1891, it was changed to the White Chief. In 1900, the name was changed to the White Leader, and remain that name until 1994, when it was changed to the Tri-City Star. A name which signifies, three towns, of White, Toronto and Astoria which makes up the Deubrook School system.

Past publishers have been: John R. McCormick, Albert S. Ford, W.S. Harden, George Chase, John Adams, Will Holbein, J.R. Leonard, C.O. Walker, H.H, Peters, Horace Lennox, Seth Thornton, Hillyer & Scadden and Rachel Walradth became the owner in 1925. Mrs. Walradth remained the owner/publisher, using hand-set type until 1946 when she began using a linotype machine. She sold the paper at age 90 in 1969 to Robert V. Lundgren. Mr. Lundgren sold to Chuck Cecil in 1985 with Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Schumacher purchasing the paper in 1991.


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