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Published weekly, the RFD News Group provides the community with local news, sport and event coverage, local advertisements, and social anouncements through 4 individual papers – the Arlington Sun, the Volga Tribune, the Elkton Record and the Tri-City Star.

Your subscription to the individual papers also gives you the opportunity to access the RFD News pages. The pages include classified ads, auction sale bills, job openings from across the state, and a professional directory for all your personal and professional needs.

The RFD News Group also provides digital editions of their four weekly newspapers. These online papers can be viewed via computer, tablet, or mobile devices, and offer subscribers full color photos.

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207 Kasan Avenue, Volga, SD 57071 
Telephone: (605) 627-9471

Main Office
207 Kasan Avenue - P.O. Box 18
Volga, SD 57071
Telephone: (605) 627-9471

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