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The first issue of the first newspaper published in Elkton was November 29, 1883. The name was the Elkton Times. At that time it was a 7 column eight page sheet, six pages being ready print and two being home print. It was run off an old army press and was all set by hand. The publisher at that time was A.E Rising.

The Times was published until May, 1884, at which time the paper was purchased by C.A. Bancroft and the name changed to the Elkton Record.

Past publishers include: A.E. Rising, 1883-1884; C.A. Bancroft, 1884-1885, J.L. Pratt, 1920-1926; H.C. King, 1926-1928; Mr. and Mrs. E. Rhian, 1928-1948; Robert Renshaw, 1949-1958; Jack Frembgen, 1958-1960; Robert Lundgren (with son Dennis Lundgren), 1960-1985; Chuck Cecil, 1986-1991; Christopher Schumacher, 1991-present.



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